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VOICE OF MUSIC (assorted brochures 1961 - 1963)
DULCI Stereo Equipment (1958) Small British manufacturer's stereo catalogue
Plus the following which are featured on the CD
ARMSTRONG 500 series (1968) integrated amplifier, receiver and tuner
HARMAN KARDON Citation series, (1960) Power amplifiers,preamplifiers, tuners, kits
FISHER SA-300B stereo power amplifier
LEAK Point One Stereo (1958) including Stereo 20 amplifier
LEAK Varislope Stereo preamplifier(1960)
MARANTZ Classic Series (1996)
McINTOSH C-8P mono preamplifier (circa 1957)
McINTOSH C-20 stereo preamplifier (circa 1959)
McIntosh MC-30 (circa 1958)
QUAD High Fidelity Catalogue (1963)
SHERWOOD High Fidelity Components (1962)