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The following manuals appear on the CLASSIC AMPS CD-ROM  
ACROSOUND Ultra-Linear II mono power amplifier MARANTZ Model 5 mono power amplifier
ARMSTRONG 221 & 222 integrated stereo amplifier MARANTZ Model 7 stereo preamplifier
AVANTIC DL7-35 power amplifier MARANTZ Model 8B stereo power amplifier
AVANTIC SP21 stereo preamplifier MARANTZ Model 9 mono power amplifier
AVANTIC SPA11 integrated stereo amplifier MCINTOSH 50W-2 mono power amplifier
AVANTIC SPA-21 integrated stereo amplifier MCINTOSH MC-30 mono power amplifier
EICO HF-87 stereo power amplifier MCINTOSH MC-225 stereo power amplifier (service & owner's)
FERROGRAPH F307 stereo integrated amplifier MCINTOSH MC-2505 stereo power
FISHER 70 A & 70AZ mono power amplifier PAMPHONIC 1004 mono integrated amplifier
FISHER X-1000 stereo integrated amplifier QUAD 22 preamplifier
HARMAN KARDON A-250 "Epic" stereo integrated amplifier QUAD 33 stereo control unit and 303 power amplifier
LEAK 'Point One' stereo preamplifier RCA LMI 32215 mono preamplifier
LEAK TL/50 'Plus' mono power amplifier RCA LMI 32216 mono power amplifier
LEAK Varislope Stereo control unit ROGERS Cadet III stereo integrated amplifier
LEAK Varislope II Stereo control unit ROGERS HG 88 MKII stereo integrated amplifier
MARANTZ Model 2 mono power amplifier SCOTT 200B stereo integrated amplifier
MARANTZ Model 5 mono power amplifier SCOTT 296 stereo integrated amplifier