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Tim Gillett of Perth, Western Australia offers high quality audio to CD (¼" reel to reel, cassettes, mini /micro cassettes, and other rare dictation and logging formats). Sticky shed (SSS) tape baking service.
email: or tel: (08)94403234 0412 288 311
Reel Deal Pro Audio, are an authorized Quantegy dealer and sell reels of ¼, ½, 1 and 2-inch tape. Their stock is stored in a climate-controlled facility in St. Louis. US and International orders are welcome.
Voice of Music - - Gary Stork is dedicated to fostering the interest in collecting and restoring V-M products, and to preserve the memory of V-M Corporations role in history. Parts, service and owner's manuals are available for Voice of Music tape recorders and any other brand name tape recorder using a V-M Corporation tape transport. In addition, belts and idler/pressure roller wheels are available for many other brands and Gary can rebuild the uncommon ones. Contact him from the website and please include a mail address or phone number in case of undeliverable email.
West - Tech Services, 570 HAZELGREEN RD. SMITHVILLE, WV 26178 specialise in idler-wheel rebuilding and belts
Ames (Western Australia) can re-rubber pinch rollers, idlers etc. I have used them and can personally recommend their work - they did a marvellous job on an AKAI M-9 pinch roller - as good as new. Unfortunately they do not have a Web presence and can only be contacted in the old-fashioned way (they're an old-fashioned kind of outfit, which is kind of nice!) Unit H, 87 Briggs St, Carlisle Western Australia 6106
tel: +61 8 9361 4644
High Tech Electronic Labs 35 W. 38th Number 3 New York City NY 10018 for TANDBERG PARTS

VALVES / TUBES - Where to find them on the Net and elsewhere.


"Brenell - True to Life performance". This authoritative work is written from personal interviews and records the full history of the Brenell tape recorder business and the subsequent Soundcraft Magnetic studio tape deck business - Britain's last studio recorder. It fully describes every model made and many prototypes too for the authors own collection. 130+ pages A4 fully illustrated.

"A Truvox product - from paper disc to magnetic disc". This authoritative work is also written from interviews and records the full history of Truvox, from their early days as loudspeaker makers to high-end domestic recorders . They merged with fellow group member Thermionic Products in 1969. T-P licence produced the Brush 'Mail-o-Voice' paper disc recorder, followed by the Soundmirror - the first British built tape-recorder in late 1948. T-P then pioneered airport voice logging recorders, becoming world leaders and then, as Racal Thermionics, data recorders. T-P and its subsidiary companies' histories are recorded in depth. 130+pp A4 fully illustrated.

"A Guide to British tape recorders". This very well researched and comprehensive book owes much to archival records and interviews with former directors and senior staff. It records the development of the tape recorder and the histories of the 100+ British tape recorder makers, detailing the development of all known models. This major work is fully illustrated and over 300+ pages A4. 

Price and postage for above three works are detailed in the author's website - - by Stout and Associates. High quality reproductions of Service Manuals, User Manuals, Sales Brochures for Classic 70's Audio give or take 10 years or so. Specializing in mainline consumer audio, Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, Kenwood, etc. with a special emphasis on Reel to Reel. Hundreds of items for Akai, Teac, Sony, Pioneer, Revox, Dokorder, Roberts, etc
A. G. Tannenbaum - Service manuals for Akai, Teac, Tandberg etc; They also buy and sell Vintage Radios, TVs, Tube Hi-Fi Equipment, Test Equipment, Books, Catalogs, Magazines, as well as hard to find tubes and high voltage capacitors.
Peter D. O'Neill has a CD for sale which contains manuals for many of the Byer / Rola / Plessey / CEI tape machines.

Geoff Kremer will 'have a go at anything regardless of age and make and always explain to my customers exactly what I've found, what needs to be done and how much it's going to cost.' All work is guaranteed for at least 6 months and every machine is fully serviced, set up and valeted as a matter of course.
Contact Geoff at his company: Kay's, 31 Turkey Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN39 5HB UK or Ph +01424 216245 Mob 07973 387301 email 

Nigel Hunt (formerly of Eastern Electronics) specialises in Revox servicing and has some service manuals. 125 The Street, Capel St. Mary Ipswich Suffolk IP9 2EL
Personally recommended by Get Reel
Colin Braddock can provide many spares also service for Grundig, Tandberg, B & O, Sony, Telefunken, Revox ,Akai , Ferro's , Philips incl; 4307 belts etc; always in demand. He has been in the R/R business the past 40 years & has a fair bit of experience plus many spares, heads, belts, idlers etc. including a good selection of new & s/hand motors. Located , Blackpool . UK - Telephone U.K. 01253345049  

Tim Gillett of Nollamara, Perth, WA has been repairing tape recorders ever since he bought his 1959 Stuzzi Magnette in 1968. He has repaired many types, mainly popular brands like Teac, Sony, Revox, Akai.
Also old reel tapes re-mastered onto CD.
email: or tel: (08)94403234 0412 288 311

Broadcast Workshop - 476 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, Ph: 03 9329 7655

Bob Shuster repairs pro and consumer reel to reel machines in the NY area. Authorized Studer repairer, can also do MCI, Scully, 3M and Ampex studio recorders. TEAC/Tascam, AKAI, Pioneer, and Sony consumer decks. Involved in the NYC recording studio business for over 30 years and worked for many famous studios such as Mediasound, Record Plant, Powerstation and Sony Music studios in their technical departments.
email or visit
Rolf at Vintage Texas services tape recorders, mostly Sony, Akai, Teac, Pioneer, Tascam & Otari.
He has over 100 parts machines and fully serviced decks for sale and has access to facilities that can re-rubber pinch-rollers and Idler-wheels with excellent results. Other resources include manuals, tape, parts etc sent all over the world. Visit his website
Aural Technology service all types of audio recorders, ranging from tube type vintage Berlant Concertone, Ampex, Revox and Tandberg machines to the latest digital recorders - vivit
Contact owner Tom Garson: 438-1/2 A St., Ashland, Or., USA 97520 Ph: 541-482-8908, Fax: 541-482-0765
The Soundsmith (8 John Walsh Blvd, Suite 417; Peekskill NY 10566) specialises in restoration of analogue equipment including Bang & Olufsen, Sony, Revox and Tandberg. (From outside of USA: call 914 739 2885) See their website
Chris in Canada: "I do service work here to most types of electronics, and I am one of the few places that services (and carries parts for) vintage reel to reel machines. Services include chassis restoration, rubber belt and tire repair/replacement, and some cosmetic restoration. I'm located in eastern Canada. I'll do my best to repair or restore almost any vintage machine. Reply to:
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