1976 Pioneer RT-2022 & 2024
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These two professional grade tape decks were the most expensive open reel decks Pioneer ever made. Introduced in late 1976, they utilised the RTU 11/2T transport unit and either one or two TAU 11 pre-amplifiers. They were, of course designed for 10½" reels and could record and play back at both 7½ ips and 15 ips. Both models were equipped with three heads. The RT-2022 featured two-track heads with two channels and the RT-2044 featured a JT 2044T four track/four channel head unit. The head assemblies were interchangeable.

Both models were considerably larger than the other open reel decks in the Pioneer line. The RT-2022 measured 18¼" w x 21¾" h x 10¾" d and weighed over 62 pounds. Its list price was $US 1250.00. The RT-2044 was the same width but was six inches taller at 27.50 inches and having the same depth. It weighed 74 pounds.

List price was $US 1600.00. Both decks were still offered in 1980, but price had climbed considerably, with the RT-2044 listing for over $2000 and the RT-2022 at just under $1600.00.

Additional images and test report for this recorder are featured on the CD-ROM.

Specifications at a glance
RT- 2022 & 2024
Price when new (in the USA)
RT 2022 - $1250.00, RT-2044 - $1600.00
Track system
half- track stereo (2022) or quarter-track quad channel (2044)
three - separate record, playback and erase
4/8 pole two-speed capstan motor and two induction type reel motors
Maximum reel size
Tape speeds
7½ and 15 ips
Frequency response ( 3dB)
15 ips: 30Hz to 28kHz
7½ ips: 40Hz to 20kHz
Wow & flutter
less than 0.08% R.M.S. at 7½ ips, less than 0.04% R.M.S. at 15 ips
Speed deviation
Signal to noise ratio
better than 57dB
better than 50 dB
Harmonic distortion
less than 1% at 7½ ips; less than 0.8% at 15 ips
Bias frequency
Fast rewind speed
110 seconds for 2,400ft
Input sensitivity
microphone - 0.11mV; line - 34mV at 100K
line - 450mV - 930mV 50K ohms; headphones - 133mV max
2022: 18¼ x 21¾ x 10¾" (464 x 552 x 273mm)
2024: 18¼ x 27½ x 10¾" (464 x 699 x 273mm)
2022: 28.2 kg (62 lb)
2024: 33.6 kg (74 lb)
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