1975 10XD
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Developed simultaneously with the 9100X, the 10XD had the added appeal of a 10½ inch spool capacity and was (with the introduction of the 9200XD) the first Tandberg reel to reel recorder with Dolby B noise reduction. It also was the first Tandberg to feature the tape speed of 15 ips.

The 10 XD had no built-in power amps or speakers, being designed to be used with an existing hi-fi stereo system.

A detailed report of this machine can be seen in the (industry and Tandberg dealer) publication "Tandberg News" of December 1974 - (available on the CD-ROM only)

Unfortunately, this, and the other Dolby-ised recorders of the 1974-75 period, proved to be a bit 'tricky' and overcomplicated for the consumer, and therefore didn't last very long on the market. The 10XD was replaced by a non-Dolby version, the 10X less than a year after its inception, making it rather a rare bird these days and perhaps a bit of a collectors item.

Additional images and information for this recorder is available on the CD ROM.


Year of manufacture
Track config
4-track (standard version) or 2-track stereo (special order)
four: erase, separate record & playback (ferrite) and crossfield bias
15, 7½ and 3¾ ips
Frequency response (+-3 dB)
30 -25 kHz, 30 -22 kHz & 40 - 18 kHz respectively
Wow & flutter (Peak DIN 45511)
0.07%, 0.09% and 0.15% respectively
Speed tolerance
Maximum reel size
Signal-to-noise ratio
better than 67 dB (2-track) and 65 dB (4-track)
at 1000 Hz: mono greater than 60dB, stereo greater than 50dB
max 3% from tape at 0 dB recording level
Mic: self adjusting from 0.23 mV to 35 mV
Radio: imp. 50 Kohms sensitivity 8 mV, max voltage 1.2 V
Line: 200k imp. sensitivity 30 mV, max 4.5 V
Radio: imp 5 kohms, 0,775V
Line: imp 150 ohms, 1.5V
Headphones: min load 8 ohms, output 5mW per channel
Dimensions (upright)
width: 17" height: 17¾" depth: 7½" (435 x 450 x 185 mm)
36lb (16.4 kg)