1958 Model 3
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Although first made in 1958, this model was not released in Britain until 1962.

It was a three speed, half-track mono machine.

According to Swedish tape recorder afficianado, Ricard Wanderlöf, the Model 3 contained two audio amplifiers, the second being for the playback of stereo tapes even though it could record in mono only.

The Model 3B did not have this facility and was a mono two-track record and playback machine.

The quality of sound reproduction of the Model 3B was said to compare favourably to the four-track series 6 although this machine was, due to its age, quite a bit less expensive.

Two half-track heads were fitted with a single motor providing all tape movement.

An EM 71 magic eye valve indicated recording level and the traditional Tandberg joystick control selected all transport functions.

Other features included a clock-type counter, two recording inputs capable of being recorded at the same time, pause or stop button (later models), and monitoring by headphones or external amplifier. Tapes fitted with metal 'stop' foils automatically stopped the machine (motor only) at the end of the tape.

Additional images, circuit diagram and user manual for this recorder are featured on the CD-ROM.

Year of manufacture
1958 - 1962
Price when new (USA)
Track config
2 track mono
Two half-track heads
7½ ips, 3¾ ips & 178yel.jpg (4923 bytes) ips
Frequency response
40 - 16kHz at 7½ ips;  50 - 9kHz at 3¾ ips; 70 - 4kHz at 178yel.jpg (4923 bytes) ips
Wow & flutter
less than 0.15 % at 7½ ips ; less than 0.2 % at 3¾ ips and 0.8 at 178yel.jpg (4923 bytes) ips
Speed tolerance
Plus or minus 1.5%
Maximum reel size
7 inches
Signal-to-noise ratio
55 db below highest recording level (4% distortion)
Fast wind time
2 minutes
less than 4%
Erase & bias frequency
15"  x 11½" x  6½"
22 lb in mahogany cabinet, 27lbs with carrying case