1967 Teac A-1200
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Taken from an early 70's product brochure:

The well known and accepted 1200 stereo deck provides professional features and outstanding sound quality at moderate cost. This quarter-track stereo solid state stereo deck (also available in a half-track version) is a welcome addition to any home audio center. With wow and flutter specifications of only 0.12% and a frequency response of 50-15,000Hz ±3dB at 7½ ips, a signal to noise ratio of 50dB and a crosstalk ratio of -50dB, it produces a sound quality to please the most demanding audiophile.


Built in sound-on-sound and stereo echo switches, eliminate the necessity of cable manipulation and simplify the recording of special effects tapes. The famous TEAC quality three-motor transport mechanism uses a hysteresis synchronous motor for stable, exact speed capstan drive and two eddy current outer rotor motors for reel turntable operation.

All operations are electrically controlled by heavy duty solenoids. Speed change is accomplished electrically rather than by mechanical means. Three TEAC precision built hyperbolic heads, four independent preamplifiers, automatic tape lifters, mic-line mixing and dual high visibility VU meters are only a few of the many features of this fine quality deck. The attractive brushed stainless steel panel and the handsome Eurasian teak case add to the striking appearance of this deck.

Stereo Review (1969) said of this deck, "We have never tested a recorder at this price level that could match the 1200. Its only real competition would seem to come from the $500 and up class of recorders."

Specifications at a glance
Price when new (in the UK)
Track system
quarter-track stereo (half-track version available)
three hyperbolic heads
capstan drive: dual speed hysteresis-synchronous
two eddy current outer rotor reel motors
Maximum reel size
Tape speeds
7½ & 3¾ ips
Frequency response ( 3 dB)
7½ ips: 50Hz - 15kHz
  3¾ ips: 50Hz - 12kHz
Wow & flutter
0.12% at 7½ ips, 0.15% at 3¾ ips
Signal to noise ratio
Rewind speed
100 seconds for 1200ft
mic -0.5mV 10K; line 100mV 100K
line: 1V for load of 100k
16¾ x 17¼ x 11½" (425.5 x 435 x 292 mm)
46 lbs (20.9 kg)
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