1962 Revox E36 & F36
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Tape recording technology continued to advance rapidly throughout the early 1960's and the E36 (left, top) was engineered to provide the mixing facilities, echo and multiple recording possibilities that enthusiasts were seeking.

The E series was the first Revox to be introduced to the British market in any quantity, appearing early in 1962.

The single magic eye indicator on the E36 could, with the help of a switch, show level for channel 1, channel 2 or the sum of both.

Since Continental standards differed from those in the UK, a revised edition of the E36 (the F36) was provided to satisfy the requirements of international use as far as possible.

With the F36 (below, left) more features were included, making the machine easily the most versatile available. In addition to employing the latest recording characteristic, the F-36 was also the first (and only) Revox to use the graduated twin beam magic eye with its incredibly short rise time, giving an accurate register of transients. To my knowledge, Tandberg was the only other manufacturer to use this type of level indicator.

This 'snappy' double magic eye which, incidentally, I'm told is a very rare EMM801 type valve, could simultaneously show both channels at the same time.

Both machines were available in half track or quarter track stereo versions and could take 10 inch reels.

The E36 was the first Revox to use semiconductors (in the pre-amp only, it was a hybrid unit with valves in the output stages). The F36 reverted back to an all-valve design..

More images, circuit diagrams, user manual and test report on the CD-ROM.

Specifications at a glance
E 36
Price when new (in the UK)
£ 115
Track system
half or quarter-track stereo
outer-rotating cage Papst motors for reels,
hysteresis synchronous (outer-rotating cage) capstan motor
Maximum reel size
Tape speeds
7½ and 3¾ ips by pole switching capstan motor
Frequency response (all 3 dB)
7½ ips: 40Hz - 15kHz
3¾ ips: 40Hz - 12kHz
Wow & flutter
0.1% at 7½ ips
Signal to noise ratio
better than 50dB
Channel separation
at least 55dB (mono), 40dB (stereo
Bias frequency
Valve complement
3 x ECC83, 2 x ECC81, 2 x ECL82, 2 x ECL80, 1 x EM71 magic eye
(EMM801 for F series)
4 x OC45, 3 x OA81 and 3 selenium bridge rectifiers
Rewind speed
80 seconds for 2400ft
Audio output power
six watts single channel at less than 1% distortion
microphone: 100microV at 200 ohm;
radio: 80 mV at 120kohms
diode: variable from 100microV at 1kohm to 500mV at 47kohm
1.0V from cathode follower at 5Kohms impedance
18 x 13 x 11" (457 x 330 x 279 mm)
50 lbs (22.7kg)
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