1960 Telefunken Magnetophon KL 75/15
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The KL 75/15 was a modified version of the KL 75.

Among the improvements were an increase of reel size to 5¾" (15 cm, hence the "15" addition to the model number), the addition of a tone control (on later versions0 and a horizontal magic bar level indicator to replace the magic eye.

As was the case for the KL 75, a "K" model was produced with carry-case, amplifier and speaker, and a "T" model without the carry case and speaker but with the amplifier.

The specifications were much the same as for the KL 75 but the price for the "K" model was substantially reduced.

More images and a test report on the CD-ROM.

Specifications at a glance
Magnetophon KL 75/15
Price when new (in the UK)
75K/15 - £49 7s; 75T/15 - £45 3s
Track system
half-track mono
Maximum reel size
Tape speeds
3¾ & 1 ips
Frequency response (all 3 dB)
3¾ ips: 60Hz - 16kHz
1 ips: 60Hz - 9kHz
Wow & flutter
less than 0.3% at 3¾ ips less than 0.4% at 1 ips
Signal to noise ratio
unweighted over 40 db (100:1) below normal operating level
Total harmonic distortion
at playback output: below 5%
Valve complement
EF 86, ECC 81, ECC 83, EM 71A, selenium rectifier B 250 and EL 95
Rewind speed
1,800ft of tape in 4¼ minutes
Audio output power
2.5 watts
Microphone - 2mV at 2Mohm,  Radio - 2mV at 50Kohm
from preamp, extension speaker
internal 6" x 3" (KL75 K only)
KL75K: 6¼ x 12½ x 12½" (159 x 318 x 318 mm)
KL75T: 5½ x 9¼ x 12¼" (140 x 235 x 311 mm)
KL75K: 21 lbs (9.5 kg) KL75T: 16¼ lbs (7.4 kg)
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